Exploring the Historical Heritage of Masks and Unique Cultures of Malang at Museum Panji

Rabu, 27 September 2023 - 06:05
Exploring the Historical Heritage of Masks and Unique Cultures of Malang at Museum Panji The mask collections at Museum Panji, Malang. (Photo: Museum Panji/Instagram)

TIMES MADIUN, JAKARTAMuseum Panji orPanji Museum stands as Malang's leading repository of historical artifacts,. This building hold diverse collections such as masks, puppets, inscriptions, picture of Malang in the past  and more.

Located in Slamet Village, Tumpang, in Malang Regency, the place holds an important position as an icon for exploring Malang's cultural and historical heritage. Museum Panji takes its name from the famous Topeng Malangan character, a distinctive symbol representing Malang Regency.

The construction of the Museum Panji commenced in 2014 and was completed in 2016. The purpose behind this development was to educate the community about ancient cultures and encourage the revival of traditional values.

The buiding is officially registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). According to information from the Kemendikbud website, the naming of the galllery is linked to the legends or folklore of Malang Regency, particularly the Panji story, which imparts virtues and environmental care.

Seeing UNESCO's World Heritage within Super Affordabe Price

Only with IDR 20 K per person, Museum Panji’s entry fee is very reasonable. Visitors can examine major historical objects at a fair price, especially historians and students.

Museum-Panji-b.jpgNumerous historical collections are on display at the Panji Museum. (PHOTO: Museum Panji/Instagram)

For those who want to learn more about Topeng Malangan and the cultural heritage of the Malang Regency, this place is a great place to start. It is recognized for being the only place to provide a thorough understanding of these masks, making it a go-to location to deepen understanding of the rich cultural legacy of this area.

Museum Panji's inception can be attributed to the efforts of Yayasan Inggil Malang, aiming to endorse the Panji Story and Topeng Malangan as UNESCO world heritage and cultural treasures.

Dwi Cahyono, an archaeologist and a member of the Indonesian Museum Association, spearheaded the establishment of this place. The institution stands as a testament to their dedication. Spanning an area of about three hectares on private land, the building showcases its collection in a diorama-style presentation.

"The approach is inspired by the artistic essence of Topeng Malangan performance within the Panji Story. The ultimate vision is to preserve and promote the rich heritage embedded in these cultural artifacts, contributing to the global recognition and appreciation of Malang's cultural legacy," he said.

Topeng Malangan Dance

Foremost among the exhibits is Topeng Malangan dance performance, a central attraction at the Panji Museum. The venue is equipped with a stage designed for a variety of artistic and cultural presentations.

Museum-Panji-c.jpgThe performers of the Sendratari dance showcasing at the Panji Museum. (PHOTO: Museum Panji/Instagram)

Visitors also have the assistance of knowledgeable guides throughout their visit to the Panji Museum. Intricate reliefs depicting various Panji characters adorn the premises. Moreover, the gallerry's collection is further enriched with items ranging from lontar leaves to stones, providing a comprehensive glimpse into the heritage and culture of the region.

This building also has several significant extras. Visitors have the choice to check out outside amenities, which include a pool. In addition, there is a fun mask-painting activity that is very well-liked by kids.

With its rich collection of historical and cultural artifacts, along with its enticing array of facilities, this place stands as an appealing destination for art and history enthusiasts. Showcasing the mesmerizing Topeng Malangan dance performances and offering various interactive activities such as mask painting, the building takes visitors on a profound journey through the region's rich and valuable cultural heritage.

Not only does it preserve traditions, but Museum Panji or Panji Museum of Malang also inspires future generations to appreciate the cultural richness that surrounds them (*)

Pewarta : M. Ade Nur Alfian (PKL)
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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